A Tropical Sunrise

I recently traveled to the Miami area to photograph some of the beautiful scenery. I wasn’t prepared for the incredible combination of heat and humidity in this part of the world.

The day before this photo was taken, I was walking the beach scouting for the perfect spot. The temperature with humidity was 108° F and I was withering. The shirt I had on was white, but it must have been mostly clear as it was soaked through. An older gentleman, who was sitting in a beach chair in the shade, gestured to me to come over. He said he was worried that I might be dehydrated and on the verge of heat stroke… I’m sure I looked the part.

He kindly insisted that I have a cold bottle of water from his cooler.

I told him that I was from Canada and was not accustomed to this weather. He laughed and said that even though he was originally from Cuba
and had spend most of his life in Miami, this was very hot. We had a nice chat for a few minutes and feeling much better, was on my way again.

The people I meet, always make traveling pleasant and memorable. How nice to feel looked after in a place so far from home.